Provincial Industry and Information Director to Yingkou Hongxing investigation

发表时间:2020-10-25 访问量:3417

During the investigation of Yingkou Hongxing Technology Co., Ltd. on October 24, Miao Zhimin, Director of Provincial Industry and Information Technology, inspected the raw material workshop, molding workshop and finished product workshop successively, and watched the automatic batching production line, 2,500 tons automatic hydraulic press, automatic drying system and workshop production situation from a close distance. We learned about enterprise development, product production and application of new technologies from the person in charge of production and front-line operators, and asked about the application of 5G, industrial Internet and other new generation information technologies in production, sales, operation and logistics of enterprises. And with the chairman of the board of directors Ha Qiang on energy saving and consumption reduction, quality improvement, emission standards, intelligent production, typical experience promotion and other aspects of the in-depth exchange.

The miao superintendent automated batching production line in intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation of achievements gave full affirmation, he encourage enterprises to increase the use of the Internet, data, and so on new technology to speed up the digital transformation, to innovation, improve the market competitiveness, constantly bigger and stronger, to digital liaoning, intelligence make greater contributions to the construction of strong province

Dashiqiao Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Liwei Yingkou City Industry Information Director Chen Liping and other relevant comrades participated in the investigation.