In pieces pieces highlight power one hundred crucial | HongXing technology: intensify environmental management be demonstration enterprise

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Green development, environmental protection first. Yingkou Hongxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service of new refractory materials technology. Since its establishment in December 2018, the company has spared no effort to strengthen environmental protection management and strive to become a demonstration enterprise with good efficiency, less emission and beautiful environment.

Entering yingkou hongxing technology co., LTD., the spacious factory area, clean and tidy workshop is to give people the first impression. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, the enterprise was established at the beginning of environmental protection in the first place, the production workshop and mixing workshop connected, open design, also confirmed the enterprise slogan - "environmental protection, health, wealth, freedom, is our eternal pursuit."

Yingkou Hongxing Technology Co., Ltd. Equipment Director Han Baozhi

Our home system is open, for environmental protection requirements can be stricter, after all, two workshops together, once the leakage of ash for a long time can be found out. At the time of production, our family system controls the sand mixing machine and dust removal. At the time of production, material dust removal starts automatically, which is all controlled by computer. When it stops, the sand mixing machine stops, and the dust removal delays for a period of time, so that the remaining ash can be collected in. Our family has a special person to maintain and remove dust, replace the dust bag regularly, maintain and remove dust, and put the dust powder every day (clean).

To integrate the concept of green development into the whole process of enterprise development, Yingkou Hongxing Technology Co., Ltd. has invested more than 6 million yuan to install 8 large dust removal equipment, 44 small single dust removal equipment, 218 dust removal MATS, and purchase auxiliary equipment such as sprinkler, vacuum car and industrial vacuum cleaner in the production workshop successively. The investment of these environmental protection equipment and facilities made Xiao Wang, who had been working for less than a year, completely change the idea of dust everywhere in the workshop.

Wang Shuang, an employee in the automation control room of mixing workshop of Yingkou Hongxing Technology Co., Ltd

Now after I contact this industry, I feel that not all the magnesium carbon industry is particularly dusty, our factory is very good at dust removal, and then can not see the dust, so I work in this environment, the mood will be very good, so also changed my idea of magnesium carbon industry environment (bad).

Dust removal equipment is controlled by special person, regularly cleaning and replacing dust removal cloth bags, automatic switch of production equipment for dust removal, upgrading and transforming equipment and facilities, improving the performance and management level of environmental protection equipment and facilities...... Each initiative and investment in environmental protection technology has accelerated the pace of green development of Hongxing Technology, helped magnesium to achieve "clear water and blue sky", and promoted the development of enterprises and ecological environmental protection in coordination.


Zhang Leiyuan, Executive Director of Yingkou Hongxing Technology Co. Ltd

In the future development, the first point is to continuously increase investment in environmental protection, including facilities; Second, we should strengthen the management of environmental protection work, including setting up special personnel and professional departments to conduct independent supervision of environmental protection work. Thirdly, we should strengthen staff training and improve staff's awareness of environmental protection, so that the environmental awareness of the whole enterprise can be constantly improved, so that our enterprise can take the lead in environmental protection in the industry, adapt to the requirements of the country and the government, and pay more responsibilities for the society.