Slag dam for tundish

Production process:

The high-aluminum raw materials and composite raw materials are used as the main raw materials, and the composite water reducing agent and the binder anti-explosive agent are mixed and pre-cast.

Main application:

The main purpose is to change the smoothness of the molten steel in the tundish, extend the residence time of the molten steel in the tundish, and make more inclusions float and remove, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying molten steel.


Product name

Brand/ IndexMgO(%)+Al2O3(%)

Cold crushing strength (Mpa)C.C.S.


B.D (g/cm3) 110℃x16h
Slag dam for tundishHTDZY-1≥80≥60±0.1 ≥2.9
The above specification indexes can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements